Chanderi silk saree is everyone’s favourite. Also, chanderi silk fabric is most suitable for Indian weather. This is lightweight and wearer-friendly. The beauty of this sari lies in its simplicity. The beautiful border and gorgeously designed aanchal make it more appealing. Chanderi silk gives a soft feeling to your skin when you drape it. This is airy and makes you feel comfortable in Indian summers. You can wear it for casual as well as special occasions. It also gives you a luxurious experience. A chanderi silk fabric adds to your glamour. It also adds a traditional touch to your overall beauty. 

The unique origin

Chanderi silk got its name from a small place in Madhya Pradesh, named Chanderi. The chanderi silk saree is made from silk that reflects patterns present in temples in Chanderi. This place is famous for its handloom industry since the period of the Scindia royal family. Madhya Pradesh is popular for its architectural beauty along with finely woven chanderi silk sarees. Chanderi is the hub that produces beautiful Indian sarees. 

Why chanderi silk saree

This type of sari is popular for its fabric. You can wear it in summer as well as in winter. We’ve got a collection of chanderi silk sarees that have checkered design patterns and paisley motifs. This makes it different from other sarees. The pure chanderi silk fabric has a unique texture along with a sheen which makes it different. To understand its authenticity, handwoven chanderi has an uneven surface. Hence, a saree for special occasions.