Black And White Mulberry Silk Hand Paint Saree-SL-HP-0075


Multicolor Hand Painting in off-white Silk base color in floral and leaf pattern on Handwoven Mulberry Pure Silk saree. Silk Mark certified product. Perfect for any day occasion.

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The entire design of the saree is the imagination of an artist. The saree was like a blank canvas where the artist painted his ideas and thoughts. It is a free-flowing art form. The free-hand painting is the most important part of its design. The presence of black & white colours makes it look bright and vibrant. This is a very sober and subtle saree. These black and white silk sarees are perfect for any daytime occasion. However, you can wear it for a casual get-together, cultural festivals, etc. Multicolour hand painting on an off-white silk base in floral and leaf patterns makes it more beautiful. 

A hand-woven saree

The entire saree is hand woven. We don’t use any machines to procure our sarees. Quite naturally, the fabric of the saree is fine. So the comfort factor of these black and white silk sarees is absolutely top-notch. Because of it, this soft, breezy, breathable saree is already a hit among saree lovers. Women of different ages are buying this saree. The design of these black and white silk sarees is another important factor in their craze. The entire saree is hand-crafted also. We have a team of master artisans who produce our sarees. Their skill, patience, and creativity are unparalleled. To print one saree, our artisans take around 3-4 hours of time. So you can understand how minute the work is.

A new-age design 

If you enjoy new-age design, you will definitely like this. One of the best black and white silk sarees, this saree is already a showstopper. Like all of our sarees, this black and white saree is also a child of our sustainable production process. It means we don’t harm nature while producing our sarees. The saree is silk mark certified. So you don’t have to worry about its quality. If you’re in search of black and white silk sarees then you should definitely consider this saree.

Additional information

Weight 350 g


Saree length 6.5 Mts., Saree width 1.14 Mts. Blouse piece inclusive.

Net Quantity

1 pc saree


Floral And Leaves Pattern

Product Material

Handwoven Mulberry Pure Silk saree

Product Type

Saree with Blouse piece


Free Hand Painting

Wash Instructions

Dry Clean recommended for this product. Iron inside out. Do not bleach and expose this product to excessive heat and sunlight for long.


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