Crimson Red Tussar Silk Block Print Saree-TS-PR-0090


Exclusive Block Printing on pure Gachi Tussar Saree from Bengal. Beautiful discharge printing on dark brick red color. Highlighted with multicolored designed anchal. Carry your dignified look each day.

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The USP of this saree is its aanchal. The multi-color aanchal is in contrast with the body of the saree. Its crimson-red colour is contrasting which makes it alluring. Minimal discharge of leaf print makes it look beautiful. The floral pattern suggests that it is a nature-centric saree. Beautiful discharge printing on dark brick red colour makes it popular among saree lovers. Its multicoloured designed aanchal highlights the entire saree. So, it’s a great example of how an exclusive block printing on pure gachi tussar saree from Bengal should be.

It becomes your second skin

The presence of red colour gives it a festive feeling. Many are choosing this crimson-red saree as festive wear. In short, this saree helps you to carry your dignified look each day. The entire saree is hand woven. We don’t use any machines to produce our sarees. Hence, the fabric of the saree is really fine. So, when you drape this crimson-red saree, you always feel comfortable. We make sure the comfort factor is predominant in our sarees. The saree will feel like your second skin. Hence, the way it wraps your body, you end up loving this saree. 

Your perfect companion

It becomes your perfect companion to tackle any obstacles thrown at you. This crimson-red saree is also fully handcrafted. The designs we create are popular among women. We’ve got a group of skilled artisans who perform the unthinkable. Their skill, patience, and creativity are unmatchable. For example, to print one saree one artisan takes 3-4 hours of time. So, you can understand how delicate the work is. You need a special skill to do it. This crimson-red saree is already a hit among many women.  As a red saree, it has become popular among young women. However, women of any age can wear this saree. If you’re a saree enthusiast, you definitely have this saree in your wardrobe. 

Additional information

Weight 450 g


Traditional Style of Hand Block printing


Saree length 6.5 Mts., Saree width 1.14 Mts. Blouse piece inclusive.

Net Quantity

1 pc saree



Product Type

Saree with Blouse piece

Product Material

Handwoven Gachi Tussar saree

Wash Instructions

Dry Clean recommended for this product. Iron inside out. Do not bleach and expose this product to excessive heat and sunlight for long.


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