Golden Yellow And White Tussar Silk Block Print Saree-TS-PR-0130


  1. Enchanting summer is depicted through this beautiful hand block printed golden yellow saree on discharge motifs. Contrasting blouse pieces in geometric checks motifs create a complete look. Silk mark certified product.

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The saree implies a refreshing mood as it falls into the category of sunrise saree. If you want to meet your kid’s principal or for any daytime meeting, this saree can become your go-to partner.  In short, it makes you stand out from the crowd. This handwoven Gachi Tussar silk saree with floral discharge is the product of meticulous works of skilled artisans. We don’t use any machine to produce this saree.  The hand block printing makes it a preferable choice among women. This handcrafted jaw-dropping saree is the flag-bearer of sustainable fashion.  

Tussar silk has always been considered something that infuses a special glow. It exudes light like nothing else. It feels delicate and the inherent sheen of the fabric makes it an amazing saree, especially for those occasions when you want that spotlight on you. The saree celebrates your persona by developing a special light around you, celebrating the beauty, and joining the tribe of owning something really great.  The saree can generate a captivating mood and celebrate you as a person who wants to be addressed. 

Tussar silk is produced by the larvae of various species of silkworms such as Antheraea Mylitta, Antheraca Proylei, Antheraea Pernyi, and Antheraca Yamamai. The insects of these species are mostly found in the wild forests, eating off the trees that they live on. Single-shelled and oval-shaped cocoons are collected and then boiled to extract the silk yarn from them. Boiling is an important part of the production of silk as it softens the cocoon and makes the extraction of silk easier.  In traditional sericulture, the cocoons are boiled with larvae still inside of them. But, if the cocoons are boiled after the larvae have left them that silk is known as ‘Non-Violent Silk’ or ‘Ahimsa Silk’. Visit our stores to get the best type of Tussar silk.

Additional information

Weight 450 g


Wood Block printing


Saree length 6.5 Mts., Saree width 1.14 Mts. Blouse piece inclusive.

Net Quantity

1 pc saree


Floral discharge

Product Material

Handwoven Gachi Tussar saree

Product Type

Saree with Blouse piece

Wash Instructions

Dry Clean recommended for this product. Iron inside out. Do not bleach and expose this product to excessive heat and sunlight for long.


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