About Us

The word ‘RAMDHANU’ means rainbow in English. We chose the word ‘RAMDHANU’ because it has all the important colors that nature offers. When we design our products, we have to deal with various colors. Hence, the name ‘RAMDHANU’ feels that it’s meant to be. 

The brand RAMDHANU is a new-age fashion house that focuses on creating a range of attire by blending tradition & modernity. We’re obsessed with paying attention to details. Our in-house artisans make sure the designs add elegance, boldness, and grace. The basis of our inspiration is the traditions of India. 

Our tagline reads ‘Reimagining Hand Block Printing’. From the tagline you can decipher that we’re into hand block printing. Hand block printing is the oldest printing method technique. This is basically a stamp that you press on a cloth or paper using ink. The images that are printed with this technique are much bolder compared to other printmaking. As the blocks are carved by hands, a big amount of detailing is kept in mind at the time of carving the blocks. 

We follow a strict process to create a hand block printing. First, we sketch the design. These designs are typically influenced by the nature, customs, and beliefs of the region. Next, we carve the design on the block. It takes from one hour to several months to carve a block depending on the size and detailing of the image. Then we choose the best possible color that will make an impact. Next, the fabric is dyed in the base color and laid nicely on the table. After that, the same is pinned nicely from all corners. The next step is the most important. Once the inking is done, then the block is pressed down onto the paper. If the design accommodates multiple colors, then each is applied separately with its own block. After the drying of the dye, the fabric with block printing gets rinsed in a local river or waterway. The block printing process by hanging the fabric under the sun to dry.

We’re the creator of simple and humble designs using special fabrics that make our souls sing with joy. We create raw and uninhibited designs using age-old weaving techniques. We salute the craftsmanship of our artisans and are also thankful to them for keeping the arts alive. Ramdhanu products represent those souls who have touched the fabric. We always aspire to keep the spirit of artistry alive.

We believe in creating eternal, timeless, and slow fashion. The art form that we practice ensures the creation of products that are organic, nature-friendly, and sustainable forms of fashion. A brand inspired by colors, we make sure our artisans use chemical-free and organic colors.

We source our raw materials directly from the weavers. We ensure all our materials are hand woven and we create apparel with the help of artisans and painters directly. Thus, we can reduce the price and keep all our products affordable.