Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way to store Tussar & Silk sarees?


The Silk and Tussar sarees are preferred to be kept in a cool and dry place in cotton saree covers with Napthalene Balls.

Q. How can we wash pure silk and tussar sarees at home?

The first wash of any Pure Silk or Tussar Silk sarees is advised to be Dry Wash/Clean. Afterwards, our pure Silk &Tussar sarees can be washed at home using soft detergents. Please ensure the products are not soaked in soap water for too long. Also it is advisable to dry the products under shade.


Q. Will the colour be fast in printed materials?


Yes. All the sarees in Block Print, Hand Paint or Hand Batik are absolutely colour fast.


Q. How to prevent colour bleeding from organically printed materials?


It is preferable to do the first wash of organically printed materials in salt water to prevent organic bleeding. Afterwards the materials may be washed in home in soft detergents. Moreover it is advised not to soak organically printed materials in soap water for too long or overnight.


Q. How do I know which size will fit me?


The appropriate size chart of each readymade productis mentioned in the description section of the duct in our siteramdhanu.in. For an example if your actual chest measurement is between 36 and 38 Inches then you may like to choose a readymade wear with a chest measurement of 40 Inches as a casual fit.


Q. Will there be any shrinkage after washing the cotton materials?


All cotton materials used by Ramdhanu is 100% pure, there might be a minor shrinkage in the pure cotton fabric, but that will not impact the overall fittings of the product.


Q. While purchasing a saree can the false and edging be done?


Yes, we do the false and edging on the ordered sarees on customer request upon applicable charges. You can please tick on the checkbox at the time of ordering a saree.


Q. What is the maximum time required for receiving a pre-order saree?


Normally it takes 10-15 days to recreate a pre-ordered saree from the date of receipt of the payment.


Q. Is customization in colour/design possible while pre-ordering a saree?


No. Customised orders cannot be processed in Ramdhanu.


Q. The colour of the product that I have received does not match with the one I have ordered, what shall I do?


Since in Ramdhanu, we work completely in hand crafted products and digital images are used on web platforms, there might be slight difference in colour asit might appear slightly different due the display settings in differentdevices. Still if the order received at your end does not meet your expectation, you may please return the same as per the Return Policy mentioned at www.ramdhanu.in


Q. I find a slight mismatch of two aligned Blocks on a Saree I ordered. What should I do?


There can be slight mismatch in the alignment of the blocks. Ramdhanu promises all garments are purely hand made. In traditional hand block printing the slight misalignment is actually a proof of originality and being handmade, that cannot be replicated by any machine. The beauty of the timeless art is also in its imperfections. Cherish it.


Q. How to know if the silk/tussar material is pure and not mixed?


All of our Tussar and Silk materials are Silk Mark certified. Further for an instance, you can check our Tussar& Silk sarees with a Fire Test by burning the last smallest thread of a saree. If no residue remains in the ash, you may be assured that the material is pure.


Q. Does Ramdhanu have a Mobile Application?


We are going to launch our Mobile App very shortly. However, you can open and navigate www.ramdhanu.in on any smartphone with equal ease.


Q. Where can we find Ramdhanu physical outlets?


Presently we have 2 physical outlets based in Kolkata at Jodhpur Park and Salt Lake. You can get the location details on Contact Us tab of ramdhanu.in.