The Glory and Beauty of Indian Soft Silk Sarees

Saree has a special place in every Indian woman’s heart. It is a traditional Indian wear. And silk sarees hold an important place in the fashion industry. Women, regardless of their nationality, have shown their preference for this elegant piece of clothing. And among them, the soft silk saree is the most popular. You can find them in a wide assortment of prints and colors, suitable for all types of events and occasions. Soft silk sarees have been in trend for quite some time. Women of every age group love to wear a soft silk saree. Soft silk saree is a blend of modernness to traditional silk weaves. These sarees are the right blend of elegance & richness. These modern yet traditional sarees can easily be distinguished by their lightweight and breathable fabric. The sarees are a symbol of grace. It enhances feminine beauty in multiple folds. However, you need to have the knowledge that all silk sarees are not soft silk sarees. To gauge it, you need to gather some knowledge on how soft silk sarees are different from other forms of silk. 

How does soft silk differ from other forms of silk?

In India, you can find varied types of silk. India is a well-known exporter of this fabric. Different regions of India are popular for their silk. Across India, there is the maximum growth for this fabric and a considerable portion of the population is involved in the silk clothing business. Be it the rearing of silkworms, or the weaving of sarees, India has shown to the world that sarees are most elegant, beautiful, and durable. Soft silk is the best quality silk. The vibrant and luscious colors, the magnificent design of aanchals, and the borders make the soft silk sarees stand out from the rest.

The manufacturing process and use of adhesive are the major differentiating factors between a soft silk saree and a stiff silk saree. At the time of making a soft silk saree, artisans don’t use resin to increase the stiffness of a saree. It means, a soft silk saree is woven without any gum or resin. Due to this, you can expect the retention of the soft nature of the thread of the mulberry. Also, at the time of manufacturing soft silk sarees, our artisans select the softest mulberry threads. Soft mulberry threads stay in the process to achieve the desired softness and shimmer to the cloth piece. These have made soft silk saree a global phenomena. Women from all across the globe are buying it. Almost every woman likes to have a soft silk saree in their wardrobe. Also, according to a few of our customers, hoarding soft silk sarees ain’t a bad idea. They are a garment that is worth every penny spent. 

A perfect blend of modernness and traditional values

As we step into the fast-forward and modern world, we might feel devoid of cultural values at times. However, a soft silk saree makes a garment piece that is modern without harming its traditional flavor. Due to this blend of modern and traditional touches, soft silk sarees dominate the saree industry. You can get sarees in multiple colors, creative designs, and beautiful patterns. You can find a silk saree for every mood.

Reasons to buy soft silk sarees

  • It offers you a rich look

  • It brings out your feminine elegance

  • The fabric is breathable

  • It makes you feel very rich yet not heavy on your body. The fabric is really lightweight

  • A lot of variety is available

  • If you take care of it properly, it lasts longer

  • Very affordable

  • Don’t harm the traditional value

  • You can wear it for any occasion

  • It’s a staple wardrobe piece. 

If you’re planning to get a saree that you can wear on any occasion, buy soft silk sarees without hesitation. You will never regret it. It’s a timeless attire for any woman. The beauty of these sarees gets enhanced with zari works, mirrors, beads, zardozi borders, and hand embroidery. Each saree is the creation of the artisans. Indian weavers weave magical dreams with intricate artworks from a few strands of silk. Silk fabric is known for carrying an inherent sheen. This is why soft silk sarees are a class apart. You can wear these sarees at weddings, parties, and different festivals. The best thing about these sarees is that they come in different colors. The fine craftsmanship makes them look more alluring. Indian soft silk sarees are famous all across the world for their grandeur and royal look that they exhibit. Indian women think owning silk sarees is their pride. The more the collection, the better it is for them. For many, these traditional sarees are handed over from one generation to another. Many Indian women inherit silk sarees from their mothers or grandmothers. It is a silk saree that makes a woman look in her traditional best for any occasion.

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