Why Is Mulberry Silk So Expensive?


Here at Ramdhanu Ethnic, we’re proud to say that the mulberry silk sarees that we sell are made from 100% pure mulberry silk of the highest grade. We’re committed to delivering the finest mulberry silk products at a good value. And, of course, nothing compares to the look, luxury, and health and wellness benefits of a pure mulberry silk saree.

But very few people know the exact meaning of ‘mulberry silk’. Mulberry silk is far superior to any other silk. Let’s find out what makes mulberry silk so very special.

Silk production, known as sericulture, is the art and science of producing silk. It first originated in China more than four thousand years ago. This beautiful and luxurious silk fabric was even used as currency in China. Later on, China opened up trade with the West through the Silk Road. For over two centuries, the secrets of producing mulberry silk were kept hidden by the Chinese and passed through generations. However, later on, silk production spread to the West.

By the end of the 15th century, Italy and France were the two leading countries that produced silk in Europe. They held that position for several centuries. Across the world, the silk industry has faced many threats over the years that include outbreaks of disease that attack silkworms, mass manufacturing, and the spread of synthetic fibers.
Mulberry silk saree is the epitome of luxury as it plays an important role in fashion, especially women's fashion. And also it requires a lot of work to make this luscious fabric into existence. Silkworms spin cocoons that silk producers untangle and connect to create the thread. With the introduction of synthetic fibers, silk production costs have increased too.

Humans have been creating silk for centuries. It’s a coveted textile for the fashion industry. But why is it so expensive? Mulberry silk sarees are made from the domesticated silkworm, Bombyx mori. The caterpillars eat the leaves constantly. They’re given mulberry leaves five times a day. After a period of 45 days of munching and growing, the silkworms are ready to mature. The insect has only one job to do and that is to lay eggs. After laying 500 eggs, it dies. The tiny pinpoint size eggs are stored at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. At the time of hatching the eggs, the temperature slowly increased to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its unique process makes it so expensive

Mulberry silk saree thread is the strongest natural fiber in the whole world. This is the reason why it is so incredibly durable. Mulberry silk fiber is stronger than a fiber of steel of the same diameter. So you can understand how strong it is. Mulberry silk is 100% hypo-allergenic and also odorless. It doesn’t require any ‘airing out’ before use like some of the lower-quality wild silks. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk that you can buy. The silkworms from which it is made are raised in captivity under exacting conditions.


The silkworms have a special spinneret that generates one long continuous filament. That is mulberry silk. The silkworms spin this filament into a cocoon. Then the caterpillar starts its transformation process. But this may get interrupted by the silk producers. Then the cocoons are steamed. This method cleans them and kills the pupa inside. If the pupas remain alive inside, then they would degrade and break the silk. Then the cocoons are untied to expose around half a mile of usable filament.


Then all these filaments are joined to make a thread that is thick enough to weave into fabric. One yard of mulberry silk saree online or offline fabric costs around $100. So why is the price so high? Let’s find out. Consumers who are used to synthetic materials like polyester expect perfection. Few others believe that because of its thermal conductivity and sturdiness, the cost is so high. It gets dyed easily and doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin. This is the reason why this is the most expensive silk.


The process it follows makes it the most expensive silk and superior to other types of silk. The process was developed by Indians thousands of years ago. Over the years, Indians have perfected the art. This makes us the world’s experts in producing the finest quality silk. So, if you want the most luxurious and durable, you should go for mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is different than other silk

Mulberry silk is different than regular silk. Sometimes it is referred to as the ‘King of Silk’. So when you wear a mulberry silk saree it makes you stand out from the crowd. Let’s find out how.

Uniformity: As the bombyx mori moths eat only mulberry leaves, the silk produced is longer and more refined. But other silks have shorter fibers compared to mulberry silk.
Color: Mulberry silk sarees are always white with no exception.
Texture: Mulberry silk is butter soft while other silks have a rougher touch.
Price: As mulberry silk saree is premium quality silk, it is more expensive than other types of silk.
Scent: The thing that helps mulberry silk differentiate from other silks is that it has no scent.

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial: Mulberry silk is ideal for people with allergies. Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic and a fantastic choice for your skin. 

Benefits of Mulberry Silk

We live in a time when ‘self-care’ is the most important thing. New-age buyers want to make sure that the quality of the product is absolutely top-notch. People like to know from where the product has come.


In today’s time, the integrity of a product helps us to make the decision to buy it or not. Mulberry or pure silk sarees are the best examples of it. It is becoming more sought after because of its aesthetic appeal and benefits to health, beauty, and the environment. Here are some of the benefits of mulberry silk.

Skin Benefits: Mulberry silk is very good for the skin. It has amino acids and proteins. That’s why so many companies use mulberry silk to produce pillowcases and sleep masks.
Hair benefits: Mulberry silk ensures no-frizz hair in the morning. Mulberry silk helps hair to retain moisture. When hair retains moisture better, it becomes less prone to breakage. Also, the hair remains shiny with less tangles.
Sleep benefits: Sleeping on mulberry silk is compared to sleeping on fluffy clouds. It is soft to the touch. Mulberry silk has temperature-regulating properties. This silk is a great option for anyone who runs hot at night. Irrespective of the weather, you can sleep easily.
Environmental benefits: Mulberry silk is environmentally friendly.  It is made 100% natural without molecular agents. The silk is eco-friendly. Due to its organic quality, mulberry silk has no harsh or toxic additives.


It’s a unique process and multiple benefits have made it the most expensive silk in the world. When we produce mulberry silk sarees, we make sure these are absolutely top-notch quality. Our focus is to create products that are loved by fashion-loving people. Fashion your wardrobe with mulberry silk sarees for a luxuriously smooth and breathable experience. You’ll feel like a youngster when you wear a mulberry silk saree. Ramdhanu Ethnic is the numero uno when it comes to selling mulberry silk saree producer in India.

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