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Zari Tussar Silk Sarees

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Zari Tussar Silk Sarees

What makes zari tussar silk different from others?

Zari tussar silk sarees are the epitome of grace and elegance. You can shop different pure zari tussar silk sarees on our website. India is blessed with multiple virtues. The natural fiber is one of them. This makes India a place where you can find the most beautiful fabrics. Among so many types of fabrics, zari tussar silks are the best seller. This fabric has already made an entry into every Indian woman’s wardrobe. It's rich texture and natural shine make it a natural treasure. 

Why zari tussar silk sarees?

With designers interested in pure zari tussar silk sarees, the fabric has made its way into a formal and sophisticated avatar for contemporary offices. These handloom tussar silk sarees are perfect formal wear because it is lightweight which brings comfort and their minimalistic design makes it appealing.

Why buy zari tussar silk sarees online?

After the pandemic, the entire idea of going out and shopping has changed. People prefer buying things online. It saves you time and energy. We, at Ramdhanu Ethnic, exhibit zari border saree that are stunning and gorgeous. The collection we have shown how skillfully we have tailored it to perfection. If you search zari border sarees online, you will definitely find our sarees. These sarees are perfect as hot summer wear. You can choose a zari border saree for an afternoon brunch and you’ll be all set to dazzle and stand out in the crowd. Compared to any other silks, zari tussar silk sarees have a smooth texture and finish. The sarees are made from breathable quality fabric. They are lightweight and hence easy to carry. 

How to take care of a zari tussar silk saree?

Because of its sheen fabric, you need to take care of it. It is always a good idea to dry clean handloom tussar silk sarees to preserve their rich fabric. It is advisable not to wash it at home. It is also important to dry the sarees in the shade instead of direct sunlight. Beauty requires much care, hence it is applicable to zari tussar silk sarees too. 

How much does it cost?

These sarees are affordably priced. Our skilled craftsmen carefully weave the sarees. Apart from price, these sarees have earthy shades and aesthetics. Also, the saree is one apparel that can never go out of fashion and has been mesmerizing people for ages. At Ramdhanu Ethnic, we make sure our sarees are comfortable to wear. We mix tradition and trend which helps us to create a saree that is popular for its magnificence and gracefulness. Our sarees have different types of designs. The subtlety and elegance of the sarees make them an automatic choice among women. If you have a wedding coming, our wedding sarees are the best option to drape. Our pure zari tussar silk sarees are perfect- a fusion between class and regality.

Features of zari tussar silk sarees

They come in different colors. It gives you the widest color choices available. 

The light that these sarees reflect makes them ideal for weddings and such grand occasions. The pure zari tussar silk sarees grab everyone’s attention.

Authentic zari tussar silk sarees are porous and lightweight. That’s why these sarees are perfect for the hot climatic conditions of India.

These sarees are low in cost in comparison with other silk varieties.

These sarees give you a fascinating drape without making the person look flashy. Hence, this is a great saree for work and ethnic wear.

Benefits of zari tussar silk sarees

Breathable sarees - Our handloom tussar silk sarees are breathable and keep you cool in the summer and keep you warm by trapping heat during winter. These sarees are ideal for festivities and celebrations or regular days.

Easy for women - Zari tussar silk sarees are weaved in such a way that women can wear them without facing any hurdles. You can perform labor-intensive work wearing any of these sarees.

Anyone can wear it - These sarees are shape and size neutral. It brings out the grace in you. Women of any shape and size wear these sarees and slay.

A versatile outfit - If you search zari border sarees online, you’ll get to know that these are versatile sarees. You can drape a zari border saree traditionally and still look modern.

Ideal for all occasions - You can wear these sarees on any occasion.  These sarees make every occasion graceful. 

Unlimited options -  You get a hell lot of options, in terms of styles, fabrics, motifs, etc. Our sarees come in unlimited packages.

You look beautiful - The most important thing- is when you wear any of these sarees you look extremely gorgeous. They make you look stunning and instill confidence.

Why Ramdhanu Ethnic

We, at Ramdhanu Ethnic, have an exquisite range of handloom tussar silk sarees in our collection. The best thing about these sarees is that they are always in style. A zari border saree is the perfect dress to keep it classy and casual. You can identify our sarees through their style. The main work is in the pallu borders while keeping the beauty of the body. We’ve got a group of skilled artisans who work tirelessly to restore the authenticity of handloom tussar silk sarees. We also make sure these sarees are subtle and beautiful at the same time. Their minimalistic designs make them high-end products.