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Ajrakh Block Print

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Ajrakh Block Print

The Ajrak block printing technique is growing its popularity in India and across the world slowly and silently. Artisans from Kutch (Gujrat) are keeping the legacy of the Ajrak block printing technique alive. However, Ajrak hand block printing is a time-consuming and complex process, unlike regular block and screen printing. Repetition of design is difficult as when one block breaks, new blocks are created and they’re never 100% alike. On a hot sunny day, an Ajrak print saree is the perfect attire. The number of colors we use in a saree impacts the complexity and pricing of the product. Ajraks are made of various fabrics. Cotton is the most affordable and modal silk is the richest and most expensive.

Reviving the art

After countless meetings, we’ve decided to revamp one of the age-old block-printing art forms of India- Ajrak. We found out that this art form has been struggling to survive in today’s time due to various reasons. The process of creating a single Ajrak product is time-consuming and laborious. But we’re blessed with a group of skilled artisans who make sure you get the best Ajrak print saree. By doing so, we’re preserving our rich traditional art form and also increasing its popularity globally. Traditionally, men used to wear ajrak products as a turban or shoulder cloth. But later it became popular among women too. Ajrak silk sarees have completely changed the scenarios for women.

History of Ajrak print

According to some historians, the word ajrak came from the Arabic word Azak which means blue. A few others say the words ‘Aj’ and ‘Rak’ meaning ‘keep it today’. This form of block printing originated long years ago in the province of Sindh in Pakistan. The Indus River played an important role in the washing the fabric and procurement of raw materials like indigo dye and cotton.

The dyes and block

To create Ajrak sarees, we use natural dyes. We get these dyes from vegetables or minerals, with indigo being the key. The design we print on Ajrak modal silk sarees is inspired by keeping Mughal architecture in mind. This includes the repetition of patterns on the ajrak fabric.

Ajrak print motifs

We use different motifs on the various Ajrak silk sarees which are a combination of nature- flowers, stars, leaves, and symmetric geometrical designs. All the motifs are built on a center point and repeated on the entire fabric in a grid-like fashion. 

If you search Ajrak sarees online, you will definitely find our website. We’re one of the few fashion retail houses that deal with Ajrak prints. Hence, you need to have some understanding of recognizing Ajrak prints.

Unique facts about Ajrak

To create the black dye used in the Ajrak print saree, we use scrap iron, jaggery, and tamarind. They get soaked in water for a period of two weeks, and then cooked over low flame. You can wear Ajark sarees throughout the year. The main reason behind this is the pores of the fabric. During summertime, these pores expand and also make it easy for air to pass. On the other hand, during winter, the pores get closed which provides warmth. Water is important for the dying process of Ajrak silk sarees. If the water is high in minerals, it can affect the colors of the dyes. Traditionally, ajrak modal silk sarees were worn only by women from the Kutch. But today, it has become a fashion statement among women across India and abroad. 

Problems faced by our artisans

There are multiple obstructions in the process of Ajrak block printing that cause problems to the outcome of the Ajrak silk sarees. We can use the machinery to reduce the production time but it would harm the art form. The cost of making a single block is huge, with no surety of durability. The lack of water resources around the working space is another major problem. Also, there is a dearth of new artisans as no one seems interested in taking up this art form anymore, and reduced payback.

Still, those artisans who work with us try everything to keep the modern and contemporary trends in the fashion world. They experiment with motif designs, dyes, and fabric to meet the needs of handicraft lovers and women who like to explore new Ajrak modal silk sarees. In return, this helps in the growth, recognition, and popularity of this art form in India and abroad. 

Why Ramdhanu Ethnic

At Ramdhanu Ethnic, we’re curating different types of Ajrak silk sarees. If your search for Ajrak sarees online, you will find us without any trouble. If you love earthy colors, beautiful prints, and comfortable wear, we recommend you go for Ajrak sarees. And for those who prefer flowy drapes with a bit of a sheen, we recommend Ajrak modal silk sarees.