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Tussar Silk Saree

Tussar Silk Saree

What makes tussar silk sarees so popular?

Tussar silk sarees are an elegant choice for a woman. It is delicate and has rich textured attributes. It also has a natural impression that is beyond any questions. When it comes to tussar saree, India is one of the richest. No matter how modern the world becomes, there are things that overturn all the modernity and fast paces, and undoubtedly this pure tussar silk saree is one of them. Fashion is changing and progressing at a rapid pace. Hence, the tussar saree is ideal to change old traditions and turn them into trendy and modern forms. 

The uniqueness of tussar silks

The most stunning fact about tussar silk fabric is that it is the first of its kind where the silkworms breed on wild forest trees, and not on mulberry trees. This industry is more than a few centuries old. The industry is famous for producing hand-woven tussar silk sarees. Tussar silk fabrics are porous in nature. This is the reason why women from warmer climates prefer traditional saree. They are super comfortable to wear. These sarees are lightweight and really easy to drape around. Tussar silk produces fibres that are short which makes it durable. Hence, you need to properly maintain it. The best way to ensure the longevity of this rich fabric is to always dry clean them. It has a shimmery fabric which makes it stand out in a crowd. If you’re searching tussar silk sarees online, then you should choose Ramdhanu Ethnic. 

Women love tussar silk sarees

Tussar sarees are a popular apparel among women. Women from overseas also love tussar silk sarees. Women like to have one tussar saree in their wardrobe. Pure tussar silk sarees come from a particular type of silk whose production is high in Bengal and Bihar. The silk used in making traditional tussar silk sarees is the first silk produced by silk moths. It makes it ideal for wearing on special occasions. Tussar silk is also lightweight which makes it easy to drape. Women from warmer climates choose tussar silk as this silk is cooler than other varieties. The prints present in the tussar saree are inspired by nature. It also radiates the dull gold texture.

Uniqueness of tussar sarees

Tussar silk sarees come in several natural shades with a coloured border. Tussar sarees are popular as soft and delicate. It also allows air circulation. Tussar silk helps you to sport a perfect ethnic look. It is an ideal choice for weddings and such ceremonies. The most fascinating part of tussar silk saree is that they are first of its kind. Tussar silk generates shorter fibers which makes it less durable. So, you should properly maintain it. You should always dry clean them. Also, you should keep your tussar saree in a muslin bag. This will help the fabric to breathe. 

How it makes you look different

Tussar silk sarees are a perfect choice for special occasions. This saree will make you stand out in a crowd.Whether you are buying tussar silk sarees online or offline, if you choose Ramdhanu Ethnic, you will be extremely happy with your choice. We proudly say that we are the best. Hence, choose the tussar silk saree you like from our website and mesmerize everyone.

Origin & history

Kosa silk is the Sanskrit name of desi tussar. It is mainly produced in India. Tussar is popular for its natural gold colors. When it comes to the origin of tussar silk, there is very little data available. But if we can borrow from the history of raw silk, we can conclude that tussar silk was a discovery of medieval times. Prior to that the researchers didn’t find any trace of silk being created out of any other natural or artificial object in place of silk works that is mulberry fed. The cost difference occurs because tussar silk is not fed on mulberry. The cost difference between tussar silk and other forms of silk sarees occurs because tussar silk sarees are not fed on mulberry leaves. This makes tussar silk more illustrious. 

Benefits of tussar silk sarees

As a natural fabric and fiber, tussar silk sarees have a lot of benefits. They are:

Soft fabric: The tussar silk fabric has a very smooth surface. It has a soft touch and is highly lustrous. When you drape pure tussar silk sarees you feel nothing at all. It gently caresses your body. 

No chemicals: The traditional tussar silk sarees are chemical-free and made entirely from natural fibers. Hence, it is beneficial to your skin.

Hypoallergenic: If you search tussar silk sarees online, you’ll find that tussar silk is the most allergen-free fabric. It is resistant to pollutants.

Health benefits: These tussar silk sarees are helpful for your skin. It delays the signs of aging and reduces dry, flaky skin problems.

Tussar silk is a glossy, valuable natural fiber. Wearing tussar silk sarees is a sign of royalty. Hence, it must be treated properly and needs to be handled with great care.