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Hand Block Print

Hand Block Print

Tussar silk sarees that come with zari border is a silk that is obtained from the silkworms found in the forests of Jharkhand, India. Tussar is one of the most popular fabrics, non-mulberry silk. It is knitted perfectly by using hand-woven techniques to provide you with gorgeous sarees which enhance your look and make you comfortable throughout the day. So, if you are in search of the best range of premium quality and the latest printed tussar silk sarees, you have come to the right place. 

You can get to choose from a variety of tussar silk fabrics, we, at Ramdhanu, make zari tussar silk sarees at our very own factory. We collaborate with artisans and weavers who come from all over the country to bring you the most authentic printed tussar silk. Our tussar silk fabric sarees are perfect for all types of occasions. These sarees are ideal for traditional and contemporary draping styles. We design printed tussar silk sarees for casuals to festive to bridals. Creating the most exclusive design at our factory, we at Ramdhanu Ethnic produce meticulously sourced and carefully crafted tussar silk sarees. 

Why Ramdhanu Ethnic

So visit our tussar silk sarees boutique and explore our wide range of authentic tussar silk sarees with unique and exclusive designs of our own without a worry as we are a silk mark certified organization. Ramdhanu Ethnic is a well-established tussar silk saree boutique that brings to you the best collection of finest quality printed tussar silk saree, carefully hand-crafted. We’ve an exclusive collection of tussar silk sarees that have a rich and royal texture and looks. These sarees come with beautiful handcraft zari borders that make them attractive and beautiful. In order to fulfill your need to choose something unique, we offer attractive discounts on zari tussar silk sarees that are unique and will surely impress you. Come and explore our collection of zari tussar block print sarees and shop to your heart’s content.

A sneak-peak into the textile industry

The journey of the textile industry in India is a long one. People have adopted successful practices. It stretches back to the period of the Indus Valley civilization where clothes were painted with dyes like indigo and red. India is acknowledged as a country where people put hard work and dedication to fulfill without compromising. Indian sarees are popular for their versatility and grace. And zari tussar block print saree is one of them.

How Zari Tussar Block Print Saree Invented?

Zari tussar silk sarees have secured a place in every woman’s heart. It envisions a marvelous personality and an undeniable charm to the wearer. When you’re wearing a printed tussar silk saree, you become the center of attraction. The silk of tussar silk sarees is extracted from the silkworm which is found in the wild forests of India. These silkworms are famously known for giving out naturally gold-colored threads. The cocoons are boiled at a high temperature to haul out the excess silk out of the moths. There is also another variant of silk known as Ahimsa silk which is obtained by natural means. It happens when the larvae leave their cocoons and then boil, which is a less harmless way.

Production of the zari tussar silk hand block print 

Tussar silk sarees are not like mulberry silk sarees. The unique weaving method, durability, motif designs, and prominence all account for it. After extracting the silk, the most challenging part, they are cleaned up thoroughly and prepared for the weaving process. The art of weaving is beyond everyone’s imagination. 

Its popularity among others

Tussar silk fabric is most probably known for its gentle texture and it is the lightest fabric that you can wear for all seasons. If you are looking for a delightful saree experience, printed tussar silk sarees are the best option for you. These tussar silk fabric sarees are the perfect alternative for someone who likes to replace the same old salwar kameez or a dull-colored cotton saree. At Ramdhanu Ethnic, you can find your own zari tussar block print saree, the one that precisely matches their personality and attitude.

Zari tussar silk hand printed sarees have tiny pores which makes it more breathable for the busy hot days and it can also absorb the sweat which makes it comfortable for you to work or enjoy without a greasy look or tired posture. These sarees from our tussar silk sarees boutique are ideal as a daily wear rather than for rare occasions. However, many believe that this saree is not so fancy which is certainly not correct.

Maintenance of the saree

These printed tussar silk sarees are the lightest materials that you can come across. You can either dry clean them or wash them gently with soft chemicals by hand. Also, you should avoid too much drying time. You should pack your zari tussar silk saree in a neat cloth or muslin bag.

The final verdict

When you drape a printed tussar silk saree, you look ravishing. Sarees from Ramdhanu Ethnic help you to enjoy the seaming glamor of zari tussar silk sarees and get ready to be flooded with compliments from whomever you come across. These sarees have a conventional feeling with a modernized view of perspective too which is practically what all women require now. We produce sarees that look absolutely stunning on every skin tone. The best part of shopping from Ramdhanu Ethnic is that you get sarees at the coolest price.