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Hand Paint

Hand Paint

Are you one of those who are bored seeing the same old saree options?

Even those ruffle sarees are also becoming boring- aren’t they? But don’t worry, we've got something special in our stock. We’ve unique, fresh, beautiful, and excellent sarees if you’ve got to attend any event. So, we won’t wait for you long. We’re talking about hand-painted sarees. You must have seen fashion bloggers wearing these hand-painted tussar silk sarees. So, you can understand the logic behind the hype of these sarees. Read this piece till the end, so that you can understand why these sarees have become everyone’s favorite. No one expected this trend of hand-painted sarees, but now it’s everywhere. 

If you search for hand-painted silk sarees online you will discover that it is designed out of pure, classy floral prints that have made a comeback in designer stores and fancy wardrobes. Our artisans love designing hand-painted sarees. These sarees are suitable for all occasions. At Ramdhanu Ethnic, you can quickly go through our wide range of hand-painted sarees that fit all types of occasions and dimensions. The hand-painted sarees make a superb impression on women if they can take the crowd confidently and beautifully. This saree is ideal to satisfy a woman’s calm soul and dignity. 

All occasions wear

Regardless of what the occasion is, these hand-painted tussar silk sarees look flawless. We have the perfect blouse to match the sarees. Pair these sarees with the right accessories, and you’ll find yourself with a surreal casual outfit that is ideal for intimate events. Every single woman wants to have a hand-painted saree in her wardrobe. So people with the sensibilities of fashion will appreciate it. 

Hence, it’s time to embrace change and start wearing a hand-painted saree that will make you happy. These hand-painted tussar silk sarees emphasize your bellowing appearance effortlessly. These sarees are the perfect options to end your problems to find your best outfit for weddings. If you like to grab everyone’s attention, then this is your poison. If you’re planning to buy handloom tussar silk sarees online, we've got some splendid-looking hand-painted tussar silk sarees. 

How to recognize the authenticity of tussar silks?

Handloom tussar silk sarees are a must for any woman’s wardrobe. They have unique textures and experimental prints which make them versatile outfits for a multitude of occasions.

What is tussar silk?

Are you familiar with the term tropical tussar? These are the sarees that grow in the eastern states of India, the second largest producer of tussar silk sarees in the whole world. Indian tussar is also known as ‘Kosa’ in Sanskrit. It is harvested in the forests of eastern and central India. This is the reason some people call it ‘wild silk’. 

Tussar silk fibers are collected from the cocoons of Antheraea moths. They eat the leaves of the trees Jamun and Oak. This is the reason why silk fibers have a grainy texture and golden glow. The texture of tussar silk is quite different from the smoother, softer mulberry silk. If you want to know more about the differences between mulberry silk and tussar silk, you can read this in our blog section.

The designs of tussar silk sarees 

Generally, tussar silk is harvested in eastern and central India while Jharkhand has emerged as the largest producer. Additionally, it is the different tribal communities that are involved in the harvesting and weaving of tussar silk sarees. The patterns and designs of the hand-painted tussar silk sarees are primarily influenced by the craft of these states and communities. We use nature-centric techniques such as flowers, fish, tortoises, and geometric patterns to design our sarees. Also, Odisha’s celebrated Pattachitra are inked on canvases of tussar silk. In Bengal, we have Kantha embroidery crafted from tussar silk.

Hand painting is a popular method of creating patterns on tussar silk sarees. Kalamkari is a popular example of hand-painted designs and a Kalamkari tussar silk saree is a must-have for your collection. 

How to identify authentic tussar silk sarees?

Tussar silk grows in the wild. It has a few telltale characteristics. Hence, you need to understand those before buying a real tussar silk saree. 

  1. The texture of tussar silk sarees is rough and grainy to the touch. 

  2. Real silk has a natural shine which helps to reflect the light with a warm glow. Synthetic silk tends to have an artificial silvery which remains throughout the fabric. 

  3. Real tussar silk saree is known for its drape as it drapes well and only gets more supple over time. On the other hand, synthetic varieties tend to be stiff. 

  4. A burn test is done to find the authenticity of the silk. Take a single thread from the inside of the saree so that it doesn’t damage the saree and then hold it to a flame. Real silk is organic and will burn while synthetic silk melts. Real silk leaves behind a black crumbly residue. 

Why Ramdhanu Ethnic

Ramdhanu Ethnic is a well-established store. We bring to you the best collection of the finest quality hand-painted tussar silk sarees which are carefully hand-crafted. If you search hand painted silk sarees online, you will find our sarees that have rich and royal textures and looks. 

In order to fulfill your desires, you should choose something unique. We give attractive discounts on our sarees that are unique and will surely impress you. Come and explore our collection of hand-painted tussar silk sarees to your heart’s content.